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Staging protest: Political theatre in a time of censorship

The blockbuster Rooftop Promotions production "Rituals"

 We are currently making a documentary on protest theater in Zimbabwe.  A tenuous peace hangs over the country as rival political factions find themselves in the same tent: its shattered economy is  recovering, its rankings on the World Press Freedom Index have improved and a semblance of a tw0-party democracy is on the horizon. But have ordinary Zimbabweans come to terms with the violent upheavals of their recent past? Our documentary seeks to explore how political theater through satire, dance and music has asked some probing questions about the possibilities of reconciliation in the wake of the country’s recent traumatic violence.  The documentary engages Zimbabweans from various spheres of civil society, political establishment, arts and mediain order to investigate the impact protest theater has had in the country and what the current challenges facing political/protest theater are and whether freedom of expression is a tangible reality in Zimbabwe today.

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